About This Blog

This blog is the story of a millennial who started college with dreams of becoming a Fortune 50 CEO who wore sunglasses that matched his ties. To him, this was what a successful and significant life looked like. But not long after he started college, he found himself drawn to a radically different path – a path defined by purpose, meaning, and impact.

As this millennial explored this path, he found himself in the midst of a growing movement. A movement that demanded solutions to systems rather than symptoms. A movement that saw the virtuous circle between people, planet, and profit. A movement that aligned passion and profession. A movement that redefined his understanding of success and significance.

This millennial dreamed of having a positive impact on the world and found he wasn’t alone. he found many of his peers discovering this movement as he was. He found it’s thought leaders gaining national and international attention. He found it’s practitioners beginning to make the positive impact of his dreams a reality. This swell of support didn’t cheapen his dream. It strengthened his conviction.

Now this Millennial is an impact professional telling stories and building relationships that have a positive impact on the world. He’s still exploring and learning about the movement he’s become a part of, while working to bring others on this journey with him.

This blog is the story of one millennial trying to change the world for the better and it’s mine. I hope you enjoy!


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